Gettysburg Terrain - the progress of Jim Dunnam's Gettysburg terrain map for 15mm ACW (photo album)

December 29

December 10

October 28

Under the Lilly Banner - 15 MM War of Spanish Succession (7/15/07) ... (photo album)

The Waco group made a field trip to Austin to try out a game of WSS using the Under the Lilly Banner rule set.  The game was hosted by the Austin Chapter (Dave Bennett and Lance Hardaway supplied the figures and hosted the game) at Great Hall Games.  From the Waco Chapter: Jim Dunnam, Lee Fisher, Mike Gesser, and Richard Wheet and from the Austin Chapter: Dave Allnutt, Dave Bennett, Lance Hardaway and Klaus. The English/Dutch/Danish under Supreme Commander Lance Hardaway were driven from the field by the French/Spanish forces under Supreme Commander Dave Bennett.

Old Trousers Napoleonic - 15 MM Battle Honors -  Richard Wheet Collection - (7/8/07) ... (photo album)


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